IT valentine's Day Heart

In the modern era, Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout various regions of the world as a time to celebrate romance and love. What better time to celebrate our love of information technology and computer science! In today’s blog post, the ePATHUSA team gives their favorite industry some affection.

1. IT: It’s what we Do!

Getting the obvious out of the way, ePATH employees love computers. Whether it was early on or later in life, we have a passion for reading about and playing and experimenting with computers. For many developers, analysts, and admins, they always knew IT is where they would end up. As Ram states ‘My passion for computers and coding led me to this Industry.’ 

2. Opportunities

From a practical, analytical standpoint, many of us in the IT sphere studied computer science for opportunity. If you choose to take this path, you would not be misguided. The industry has a much higher than average growth rate, being expected to grow by 11% from 2019 to 2029 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re looking for a good career path, it’s hard to go wrong with IT!

3. Self-Discovery

Some of us on the team are a bit more philosophical. As developments in computer science continue to progress, AI can help delegate otherwise mundane or short-term tasks from humans. In doing so, we hope that this will free up time for humans to discover our personal, or perhaps even humanity’s, purpose. Assistant Program Director for Government Services Shiva Meduri says we will be able to ‘”…focus on the innate pursuits of why.’

4. Bringing Tech to Life

It’s alive! Sure computer and electronic engineers design computers, but computer programmers bring them to life. From creative software to creative projects, computers are only as useful as their programmers!

5. Growth

IT is ever changing, and thus those who work in the field must forever adapt. But this is why we love it! ‘”The main thing that keeps me motivated in IT has to be the constant learning,’ says Lead Support/DevOps Engineer Suman Kondla. And he’s no outlier. .Net Developer Pravallika Gottam says that ‘”(IT) gave me an opportunity to prove my skills. I learned about bug fixes, debugging existing applications…also I participated in CMMI attainment within our company.’ ‘”Learning new things everyday keeps me motivated,’ added Sr. Software engineer Meenakshi Midde, ‘”so I think IT suits me.’

6. Enhancement of other skills

Not everyone at ePATHUSA originally came from a background in information technology. In fact, accounting, business, mathematics, electronics, and even English majors call the West Des Moines office home. As Marketing Specialist Matthew DeFelice puts it, ‘”Information technology allows me to express my other skill sets in a way that simply wouldn’t have been possible thirty, twenty, or even only a decade ago.’

7. For a Better Tomorrow

IT professionals are constantly looking for ways to pay it forward. ePATHUSA founder Anitha Timiri encourages youth to learn to code as soon as possible, and enjoys donating to and sponsoring youth coding events and competitions. As our CEO stated previously in an interview with the Technology Association of Iowa, ‘”I would also encourage younger kids, if they can, to attend any school or local tech clubs or competitions. It’s a great way to start learning.’ But even “everyday” work projects make an impact. According to .Net Developer Mounish Sai, ‘”the solutions we work on together will help few dozens to thousands of people making their life easier. That’s the beauty of this Industry.’

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