About Us

About Us

ePATHUSA was established in May 2005, with the prime objective of developing software and providing professional consultants to cater to the needs and demands of users. We are specialized in Application, Web Design & Development, Software Quality Assurance, Legacy Assessment and Modernization, Database Services, Mobile Development and Customized Software Solutions.

Our Vision is to work together with our customers in the private and public sectors to continuously evolve its Information Technology Solutions and services to meet organizational challenges. ePATHUSA is committed to using open standards and commercial off-the-shelf technologies to ensure organizations benefit from flexible solutions that maximize their return on investment.

ePATHUSA employs highly trained and experienced technical personnel, and subject matter experts. We work with our customers to carefully collect and document the requirements and develop comprehensive project plans that are effectively implemented, managed and deployed within project time and cost constraints. We do not believe that our job is just developing high end software projects. We strongly believe that as our customer, YOU deserve the best.

Our competitive, bold, and innovative pricing is aimed at giving both resellers and end users value for money.