Web and Application Development

Web and Application Development

Application Development

ePATHUSA develops innovative enterprise applications that form the cornerstone of our clients' business operations. ePATHUSA understands that it is the organization and its business processes that should drive the development of software, and not vice versa. ePATHUSA consultants spend extensive time working with our clients to ensure that we understand how their business works, and the result is software that is built to increase efficiency, offer new ways of entering and retrieving data, and demonstrates immediate ROI to management.

ePATHUSA believes that enterprise applications are only as good as the planning and foresight that goes into them. Only by thoroughly understanding how our clients' operations function can we propose methods that reflect and improve upon the current state. Because of the company-wide effect of an enterprise application, there may be several components and modules that are combined to produce a superior end result, including legacy applications, third-party software packages, and custom applications – all working together in unison.

Web Development

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." Steve Jobs, 2003

Welcome to ePATHUSA Interactive, one of the nation’s premier web strategies, web design and web development firms. ePATHUSA business analysts focus on innovative internet business solutions, with superior database and information architecture. We complement our efforts with user-friendly, award-winning design and smart search engine optimization. This is ePATHUSA's proven approach to custom web development, event marketing, email marketing, search marketing, and electronic newsletter campaigns.

ePATHUSA offers a full range of e-Business solutions starting with web design through complete implementation.