Diversity and Inclusion in Data Science

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash The field of data science struggles with the presence and successes of women and people of color. According to Ms. Magazine, research suggests that only 15 percent of data scientists are women and fewer than 3 percent are women of color. Due to the education system failing to attract young girls and women to computer science, math, and other related fields, the number of girls and women leaning

What is Cloud Computing and Security?

We’ve all heard of the “cloud”. What exactly is cloud computing and security? The cloud is an alternative to storing data on computer hard drives. It allows many users to store and access data over the internet, without direct management by the user. There are three types of cloud environments and cloud service models. This blog post will go over the different types and what you can do to protect your servers from future threats.

FinTech: A Brief History of Financial Technology

Financial technology, usually shortened to FinTech, is one of the oldest pairings of domain specific knowledge and computing. It’s origins can technically be traced back to 1918 when the US Federal Reserve Bank first developed Fedwire Funds Service. The service made it possible for the transfer of funds between the 12 Reserve Banks, the Federal Reserve Board, and the U.S. Treasury by telegraph using Morse code. Needless to say, technology has developed quite a bit

AAPI Heritage Month: Contributions In Science and Technology

During the month of May, the United States officially observes Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI Heritage Month). The commemorative holiday celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. Originally designated to last a single week by President Jimmy Carter in 1978, AAPI Heritage Week was extended to the full month of May in 1990 by George H.W. Bush. As a premiere IT services company, we owe a lot of our success to many hardworking, innovative AAPI computer

Happy Sweet 16, ePATHUSA!

ePATHUSA turns 16! Founded in 2005 with the belief that IT services can be of high quality while being affordable and available, we have been providing our premiere expertise to commercial, state, and federal organizations. A lot has happened since then, and the world is a different place. To celebrate this milestone, we are opening a time capsule from 16 years ago. Take a look at what was going on back in 2005! First YouTube

AI: The Future of Polling?

After several perceived mishaps in polls’ ability to accurately predict the outcome or the scale of victories in recent elections, notably the US general elections in 2016 and 2020, the public has grown weary of polling accuracy. this sentiment is reflected in the media as well. Headlines such as “WRONG. WRONG. WRONG” and “Polling Blows It Again” don’t inspire much confidence in readers. The industry is estimated to be worth over $20 billion annually, so

ePATHUSA Florida Office Established

ePATHUSA Inc. is excited to announce that we have opened a new regional office in Florida. The new office will help facilitate ePATHUSA’s growth as we continue to expand our premier IT services across the United States. With experience operating in the Sun Belt, ePATHUSA has provided cloud computing, legacy modernization, and IT staffing services to the Southeast, including the State of Georgia. We look forward to bringing our brand of innovation to The Sunshine

WHM: Women in IT, Science, and Technology

For the week of International Women’s Day and the month of Women’s History Month, we detailed the achievements on our social media pages. If you missed it, don’t fret! We went ahead and collected the entire list in this week’s blog post so you can read all about the remarkable women who have made a positive impact in IT, science, and technology all in one convenient place! Stephanie Louise Kwolek First up to bat is

BHM: Black History in IT and STEM

February is host to the annual observance of Black History Month (BHM) in the US and Canada. The month is a way of remembering and honoring black figures, events, and communities. This year, we wanted to cover important figures in IT, computing, and STEM. Unfortunately, we couldn’t list them all. So in this week’s blog post, we’re raising awareness for black programmers, inventors, scientists, and engineers that don’t have the immediate name recognition they deserve.

7 Things We Love About IT

In the modern era, Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout various regions of the world as a time to celebrate romance and love. What better time to celebrate our love of information technology and computer science! In today’s blog post, the ePATHUSA team gives their favorite industry some affection. 1. IT: It’s what we Do! Getting the obvious out of the way, ePATH employees love computers. Whether it was early on or later in life, we