Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The process, technologies and tools needed to turn data into information and information to knowledge and knowledge into plans that drive profitable business action. Business Intelligence encompasses data warehousing, business analytics and knowledge management.

In present days, organizations should go deeper and deeper in order to understand the internal process of their own business in market and satisfaction of customers, resulting to stay ahead of competition and to deliver the sustainable business performance.

Business Intelligence facilitates to perform management by reality. It helps in decision making based on the collection of data which would increase and improve the business and find out the hidden faults. ePATHUSA helps you in the crusade for your business excellence with a perfect roadmap of your business by using various business analysis methods.

The main aim of the Business Intelligence is to use data strategically in response to challenges and drive profitable business actions.

Particularly three main actions:

  1. Efficiency: Minimize the cost of maintenance.
  2. Effectiveness: Real time access to customer information across every point of contact at the line of business.
  3. Differentiation: Ability to proactively manage opportunity and risk at every point of customer contact at the enterprise at the affinity partner.

Business Imperatives:

  • Understand Customer needs.
  • Revenue Creation.
  • Cost Optimization.
  • Enterprise Transformation.
  • Technology Transformation.

What we do?

  1. Establishing the vision and converting it
  2. Develop a Roadmap
  3. Establish BI Governance & Funding Process
  4. Establish BI Competency Centre
  5. Align Business and IT for the long haul
  6. Measure and Track ROI / Benefits from BI
  7. Build trust in the system

Business Process