Healthcare Service

ePATHUSA offers comprehensive business solutions for the healthcare industry. The need to protect sensitive patient information – prompted by HIPAA – along with the ongoing task of containing the costs associated with healthcare is driving healthcare providers and insurers to implement new methods to securely store and retrieve patient information. Many providers are realizing that secure digital archiving of both paper originals and host generated documents provides an economical storage solution that satisfies privacy requirements and lowers customer service costs by providing immediate secure retrieval.

Healthcare providers and insurers are using solutions from ePATHUSA to improve regulatory compliance, lower records management costs, and improve access to patient records.

The Application Suite for Healthcare Providers and Insurers include e-Document Delivery, Online Enrollment and HIPAA Compliance.


ePATHUSA's solutions focus on reducing downtime, lowering production costs, maintaining smaller inventories, improving maintenance and reducing wastage. Our discrete manufacturing solutions help share and synchronize production data throughout the supply chain and speed up new product development. This helps to ensure a perfect integration of key business processes and production functions and/with a consistent flow of information across all significant interfaces. Our company’s manufacturing/platform solutions helps industries serve their clients in a superior manner, helps them observe and rapidly develop components for the market.

ePATHUSA has been closely linked with this sector in providing IT solutions that has helped our clients in increasing their productivity, reducing costs and enhancing their end-customer experience. We provide a complete array of solutions from analysis and evaluation of processes, development of customized solutions to implementation of enterprise products in order to service the customer's unique process needs in the following domains:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
  • Business Intelligence & data warehousing solutions


In today’s resurgent global economy, insurers seek to focus on growth and improved customer/producer experience. We, ePATHUSA understand your need to integrate the existing and disparate back-end legacy systems to bring in flexibility and enable speed-to-market with product launches. ePATHUSA insurance offerings are simple and efficient, and yet capable of sophisticated functionality. Our full-services play offerings are backed by our expertise across all industry segments and the entire insurance value chain. We partner with you to bring about effective change and tackle business challenges.

We have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your insurance enterprise. Our full-services comprise of a comprehensive portfolio of the following:

  • IT Services
  • Business Process Services
  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure Services

Information Technology

ePATHUSA brings innovation and transparency to truly partner with our technology and telecommunications customers in a way that simply makes their life a little easier. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years! We partner by carving out small niches – whether it’s testing a new web app or mobile app, or providing the technical writing and translation services for a new operating system. We bring our development centers in Iowa and India and provide the best team composition to meet every need. We also support the dynamic and ever changing general skill and resource needs via our Workforce Solutions Staffing business line. We are honored to be a valued supplier of some of the world’s leading telecommunications and technologies companies today. We are committed to staying abreast of the industry’s challenges, and are innovative so we can help our customers to overcome these hurdles.