Iowa disaster relief

On August 10, Iowa and other parts of the Midwest were hit by a derecho (from Spanish: ‘”straight’), a short-lived but potentially devastating series of thunderstorms, earning its name from its straight-line movement pattern. Unofficially referred to as inland hurricanes due to their ability to cause or exceed hurricane-force winds, the storm system has also been known to cause tornados, heavy rains, and flash floods. Last week’s derecho brought winds of up to 140 mph, a state record, which flattened crops, destroyed or partially collapsed buildings and other structures, and left many without food, shelter, or power. Even a week and a half later, thousands of residents are still left without basic necessities.

In order to help assist with the Iowa disaster relief and raise awareness of the damage that the storm has caused, ePATHUSA will be donating to the emergency disaster services (EDS) of the Heartland Division of The Salvation Army. You can find the donation link here.

Additionally, ePATHUSA has put together a list of organizations currently accepting donations or assisting in Iowa disaster relief efforts. We always advise researching the mission and details of an organization before making a decision to donate. Note that these links will take you away from the ePATHUSA website.

Food and Disaster Relief

Feed Iowa First

Hawkeye Community Action Plan

United Way of Johnson & Washington Counties


Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation

Eastern Iowa Diaper Bank

T-Shirt Donations


Carson King Foundation