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To drive innovation, organizations must adopt new technologies and enable them to work with legacy applications and data sources. Many enterprises are absorbed with native systems, disparate point solutions, or outdated off-the-shelf software.

ePATHUSA can work with your legacy tools to extract and refine your data model and assist with implementing and modernizing your idea management software. We ensure that you maintain what works well, removing cumbersome custom code and providing a solution that is user-friendly, easy to maintain, and that ensures full-scale data interoperability.

The migration or conversion solution helps organizations automatically migrate applications to modern, open technologies and database management systems. Upon delivery, a client will have functionally equivalent, seamlessly integrated applications that provide a reduced cost structure and improved business agility in the latest technology. The delivered applications are SOA enabled and able to take advantage of new technical capabilities.

The ePATHUSA migration and conversion strategy involves four key phases overseen by our Project Management Team: IT Assessment, Database and Data Conversion, Application Conversion, and Testing. We will involve Customers’ Stakeholders such as Executives/Sponsors, Managers, Functional & Technical teams to ensure smooth sunset of legacy applications to provide the ability to fully define conversion plans including assignments, responsibilities, timeframes, and costs.