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Project Description

The Iowa department of Revenue (Legacy Systems) to support IRIS and its surrounding mainframe applications.

Project Objectives

The main goal was to conduct a Mainframe Legacy Health Check which will identify costs, risks, opportunities, and assess the ability and longevity of the workforce to support IRIS.

Detail Description

Work relating to analyzing the legacy systems is the acquisition of “Operational Knowledge” of the production systems which entails analyzing all objects (jobs) and sub-objects (programs) in the current mainframe application inventory. Our work actions are the collection of all relevant system data and the access to system experts for system resources, impacts, and business requirements.

Managing the software portfolio to contain costs via metrics management of systems resources using collection phase, initial analysis phase, detailed analysis phase and preliminary solution design phase. The health check identified potential critical risk factors and opportunities that had not yet been identified, and if gone unnoticed, will impact the department’s ability to fulfill its primary mission of collecting taxes, depositing the revenue into the general fund, and providing tax refunds to our constituents.

  • IDMS Legacy Assessment
  • State Government
  • Des Moines, IA

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