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Project Description

PIPAC is an established and experienced nationwide Health and Life insurance brokerage company founded by an agent for agents. PIPAC has 40 plus years of industry experience, carrier and agent relationships with a strong belief in doing the right thing. Agents describe the PIPAC team as friendly, responsive, detailed and totally service oriented.

Project Objectives

Given their business is delivering insurance packages that are custom made for the agents, we knew a stunning website with rich information was a must. ePATHUSA’s primary objectives were to guide users through the available insurance plans from a wide array of providers and categories, fabricating as per the needs, application process, highlight the company's history and penchant for game-changing work, and encourage the agents to reach out to the company for their needs. The website should highlight the complex packages that are available in the most simple and elegant way.

Detail Description

To emphasize just how the work is done in PIPAC, we open our homepage design with a welcoming graphic image of handshake. Keeping user experience in mind, we designed the portfolio area—one of the site's primary selling points—to feature a simple grid layout with a fun twist: the title text "jumps" up on hover, guiding users into the portfolio detail pages. Being developed in CMS, the website can be updated with little manual intervention to keep updated with the latest information. It also makes easier to optimize your search engine results. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which is very essential for any business to rise and sustain in the competitive world. It also reduces the website maintenance costs, which will result in savings of the operational costs.

  • Web and Application Development
  • Insurance
  • Cedar Falls, IA

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