Why you should turn to us for your cloud computing services

Cloud Services

  • Cloud migration

    With automated integrations and pre-set configuration, our cloud migration framework can migrate your data while leveraging the robust capabilities of different models by accessing all kinds of delivery methods.

  • Infrastructure services

    Cloud Infrastructure Services offer customers solutions for IaaS and VMs. Our solutions are available for Azure, AWS, and GCP users.

  • Data transformation

    Let’s create industry and function-specific data and AI insights with the cloud for your Business.

  • Sustainable IT & Technologies

    Sustainable technology creates products that are friendlier for the environment and beneficial for human welfare.

  • Cloud Security

    You can protect your company’s IT environment by taking advantage of our cloud security services.

Why should you choose ePATHUSA for cloud computing services?

Every company has a specific purpose, in which its success is defined by the strategy they employ to enable agile innovation and agility. Cloud as the unifying digital fabric can help scale rapidly, seize emerging opportunities, and future-proof your business. Cloud enables access to cutting-edge technologies while establishing innovative ecosystems to drive your vision of coordinated transformation.

What Our Clients Say?

Case Studies

Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission – Web Design, Development and Maintanance

ePATHUSA Inc has been awarded contract to enhance and maintain their three different Web applications.

State of Nevada – Web Design, Development and Hosting

DETR wanted to redesign the legacy website to deliver a more adaptive and scalable site. Delivering a richer and more interactive web design as per the business’s request was one of the top priorities along with the security requirements of the website as per federal policies and regulations. Also, reorganized the forms from DETR site to Jobconnect site and vice versa resulting in website that encourages more users to interact.

COLORADO Department of Labor and Employment

ePATHUSA is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Empowerment Score Web Development contract.

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