ePATHUSA Inc. is excited to announce that we have opened a new regional office in Florida. The new office will help facilitate ePATHUSA’s growth as we continue to expand our premier IT services across the United States. With experience operating in the Sun Belt, ePATHUSA has provided cloud computing, legacy modernization, and IT staffing services to the Southeast, including the State of Georgia. We look forward to bringing our brand of innovation to The Sunshine State!

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ePATHUSA is honored to announce that we have been named the Best Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Champion during the first annual UScellular Best of the West Awards! A big thank you to everyone who nominated us for and to the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce and City of West Des Moines for presenting the awards!

The competition aims to find the top businesses in West Des Moines across fifty categories, chosen by employees, businesses, and residents of the city. The West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce’s vision is to make West Des Moines ‘”the best suburban city in America to live, work, and play’ while giving area businesses ‘”the chance to take a bow and be recognized.’ ePATHUSA is humbled to receive this recognition alongside such an impressive lineup of local businesses.

Best of the West award winners can be found on the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce site here.

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Community Transit, Snohomish County’s (WA) public transportation provider, has awarded ePATHUSA the On-Call IT Consulting Services Roster contract. The aim of the contract was to find IT-service providers who could provide a wide range of IT services. The contract will allow ePATHUSA to submit proposals for software and app design and implementation, business intelligence and analytics, staff augmentation, and technical writing and documentation among other IT-related services. We are proud to help Community Transit assist residents and travelers of Snohomish County ‘”get from where they are to where they want to be!’

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ePATHUSA is happy to announce that we have been awarded the Self-Exclusion Database Hosting and Maintenance contract with the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC). The contract is for the hosting and maintenance of the IRGC’s Self-Exclusion Database, which is used to record the status of individuals participating in the Iowa Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program. ePATHUSA will be responsible for the hosting, maintenance, and future enhancements of the Self-Exclusion Database. This will be accomplished through the management of the database, maintenance of cross-browser support, and the implementation of up-to-date web security. We’re excited for the opportunity to work with the IRGC and look forward to providing our premiere IT services to our home state. 

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ePATHUSA is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the MNSITE (Minnesota Seeking IT Expertise) Program master contract. The state of Minnesota designed the MNSITE program as a means to procure IT-related services by way of a fast and intuitive process. The entity awarded the master contract is able to provide all requested IT services to the state of Minnesota. Under this agreement, ePATHUSA will provide our premier IT services to the state of Minnesota. We are tremendously honored to be working with the state of Minnesota and proud to be providing our expert IT solutions to our neighboring state.

For more information on MNSITE, please visit the official program site here.

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ePATHUSA is excited to announce our newest SaaS product, the ePATH eLS (electronic licensing system). The fully featured licensing and management system is an innovative yet intuitive platform for gaming and racing licensure for state governments. From entities to individuals, the ePATH eLS will be able to streamline and improve the licensing and license managing process. Features include an easy-to-navigate and update user interface, detailed search, and robust reporting. Additionally, the licensing system will be nonintrusive and easy to implement. The service will be available via cloud computing with a launch announcement coming at a later date. Until then, the ePATHUSA team can’t wait to share more details as the project nears completion!

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